Instagram Marketing Strategy

Learn how to use Instagram to build your brand, get media attention and find new customers! ​

Your time is precious, don’t spend it posting on Instagram without a well planned strategy.

Your brand needs to have an Instagram marketing strategy to meet its online business objectives. You need a strategy that is focused on where your audience is spending the most time and you need to ensure that everything you post is worth your effort.

Stop trying to build your brand on Instagram without creating a strategy to build a strong online presence and stay ahead of the competition. You need to ensure that your Instagram posting efforts are working to support your business goals and are reaching your target audience.

We will show you how you can set up your Instagram account for success right from the start. You will explore best practices for engaging with an online community through Instagram and learn how to identify key stakeholders. If you are already active on Instagram, this program will help you rework the account you already have for even better results.

We will focus on the fundamental steps in building your Instagram marketing campaign while focusing on what’s working best for growing your reach and retaining a healthy, active community online today.

It's not enough to just have a presence on Instagram. It's not even enough to post consistently good content.

Social media networks are always in a state of flux and it’s essential for you to stay on top of the latest Instagram trends. After taking this program, you will understand how to connect with your ideal Instagram community and build your brand. You will know how to maximize your content creation, how to make an impact online and how to measure that impact.

Here's what you can expect from the Instagram Marketing Strategy training program:

7 sections and 22 lessons including workbooks, checklists, program exercises, case studies, and audio lessons!

  • Part 1: Instagram for your business brand. Learn how to find new customers on Instagram!
  • Part 2: Plan your Instagram content. Make your content work for you.
  • Part 3: Create engaging Instagram posts that your customers will love.
  • Part 4: Building a responsive audience and encourage your Instagram followers to take action.
  • Part 5: Maximize your posting time on Instagram. We share the exact tools that we use for our business!
  • Part 6: Drive new sales for your business using the right content on Instagram.
  • Part 7: Bringing it all together to ensure that your strategy is working for you.

You will receive unlimited access to the program. We also add new content regularly and keep on top of Instagram trends and changes!

This program is not open for enrollment.

"After working with Talia Davis at Pink Pearl PR the guzzie+Guss brand became a household name. We started as a local business in Vancouver, B.C. and we are now selling across North America and Asia. Customers recognize the brand on the street and ask for it in the store!"

- guzzie+Guss

“We worked with Talia Davis at Pink Pearl PR to expand the Lorna Jane brand across North America. Since we started working together, we have grown our Canadian team and opened up a new retail location in Vancouver.”

- Lorna Jane Canada

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Pink Pearl PR
Pink Pearl PR

Pink Pearl PR is a stylish, boutique public relations agency, headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, specializing in luxury female marketing.

Our Managing Director, Talia Beckett Davis is an award winning public relations expert who works with leading brands across the globe. She holds a Master’s Degree in International Relations from the University of London (UK) and a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Royal Roads University.

In her capacity as Founder and President of the Organization of Canadian Women in Public Relations and the Organization of American Women in Public Relations, Talia provides PR training and mentorship to women executives and business owners.